How do we work?

It is our aim to provide a flexible care service, responsive to each individual’s need. An individual may require one hour of support each week, whilst someone else may require 24 hour care. We are able to tailor our service to meet individual’s needs.

The domiciliary care team are available for bookings 24 hours a day. A buzzer system and mobile telephone allows students to call for support in an emergency. Every room at Orpheus has a buzzer and there are at least two in each flat. The buzzers link to pagers which every member of our Domiciliary Support Team carry with them at all times.

We also provide a link worker to work with service users on a regular basis to ensure our services are meeting their needs and are updated regularly.

A link worker will:

  • Ensure there is effective communication between all the services that provide support to you
  • Be your first point of contact if you have questions or concerns
  • Help you to contact family and friends
  • Help you to update your support plan, health plan and risk assessments
  • Help you to manage your money
  • Help you to record progress towards your targets
  • Help you to attend appointments or meetings
  • Help you to read and respond to mail or emails
  • Help you to pay bills
  • Help you to plan leisure activities
  • Promote independence
  • Help you to access new services