Help and advice

Help and AdviceWhen a tenant comes to live at Orpheus, they sign an assured short hold tenancy agreement. This means that they are renting the flat from Orpheus for a full 52 weeks a year, and it becomes their home. It is often a young person’s first experience of managing tenancies, so they are fully supported throughout the whole process.

Our housing officer conducts a full assessment of your housing needs to establish which type of flat would be best for you. Tenants are eligible for a housing benefit via the Local Council, which pays for the majority of their rent. Often, when a young person comes to live at Orpheus, they are not aware of how much benefit they have a right to. Our housing officer will conduct a benefits review with all new tenants to establish how much they could receive and helps them to apply for it. They will also support tenants with paying bills and any other issues they may have regarding their tenancy on a daily basis.

There is also a maintenance team on site five days a week who can support tenants with any issues they have with their flats.