Well Done Daisy!
Daisy Running 10k

Well Done Daisy!

On 9 April Daisy Hopson ran the Brighton 10k to raise funds for the Orpheus Centre in memory of her brother Mike. This was an ambitious task for someone who could only just about jog a third of the distance a few weeks prior!

Mike Hopson was once a residential student at the centre and he can simply be described as the quintessence of what it means to be an Orpheus student. He would often say “I don’t want to walk and talk; I want to sing and dance!” Mike was a true performer and loved taking part in Orpheus productions. He had a wicked sense of humour, a contagious laugh and was always kind to others. After graduating, Mike continued to visit the Orpheus Centre for short courses in the arts. Sadly, in 2007, he passed away from a sudden illness.

Inspired by her brother’s life, Daisy now works at the Disabilities Trust in Sussex. She said “it seems like the right fit for something so close to my heart.” Additionally, it is her brother and his love for the Orpheus Centre that motivated Daisy to take on the challenge of running the 10k in Brighton. After overcoming the hurdles of an injury, and just simply ‘not being a runner’, she completed her race in 1.03! Moreover, she surpassed by far her original fundraising target of £250, and raised over £1000 to help more young disabled adults to learn and perform at the Orpheus Centre and to go on to live independent lives.

Daisy and Mike