Voting Now Closed for the Aviva Community Fund Competition 2016

Voting Now Closed for the Aviva Community Fund Competition 2016


Thank you to everyone who kindly voted for Orpheus in the Aviva Community Fund competition. We closed the competition with close to 1500 votes and we will let you know shortly how we got on.

By putting aside a minute or two to vote for Orpheus you will increase our chance of winning funds of up to £5000 to help create a new library. We want a library that offers our students a quiet and peaceful environment, in which they can not only enjoy reading, but also come for advice, guidance or a just a place to feel safe in.

The importance of a wide range of literature being readily available to our students is incomparable. It benefits their imagination, independence and self-esteem. A welcoming and inspiring space with furniture to display resources, comfortable seating and new equipment is also essential for Orpheus students. A new library will introduce multi-sensory equipment, providing engaging, stimulating and inclusive learning for all students. This flexible space will also be used to discuss with students the four pathways to adulthood – employment, housing, health and relationships, as well as offer counselling and support for other issues. A safe zone in the library will be used as a calming space for students when they feel their stress levels rising.

Orpheus students are looking forward to having a ‘real’ library. Jess is excited that students won’t have to leave the college to visit a nearby town library, but instead will have this service at Orpheus. She said ‘we can come in whenever we want and take the book we need in our own time. We won’t have to arrange transport, who’s going, at what time and be billed for the journey, just to go to the library.’

The Aviva Community Fund competition offers us a chance to make this project closer to reality. To find out more information about the new library and to vote for the Orpheus Centre click here, and submit your vote before November 18 2016. Don’t forget you can vote up to 10 times!