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Meet some of our volunteers

Meet some of our volunteers

Ann Lovelace

Anne Lovelace“As Orpheus’s longest-serving volunteer I have a privileged long-range perspective on the success of its work. I have had the joy of watching so many students blossom. I have seen, for instance, those with severe autism learn to express themselves through dance and song. I have witnessed shy, introverted students come out of their shells and show incredible gifts which Orpheus has been able to spot and nurture.”


Clive Edwards

Meet some of our volunteersClive has been volunteering at Orpheus for six years. He started by gardening once or twice a week, but soon got hooked and offered more of his time, supporting students in sessions, helping them prepare lunch in their flats and helping with their organisational skills. Clive has also enabled several students to gain work experience, driving them to a local radio station and helping to write their show song sheets.

Orpheus productions would not be the same without Clive, who helps out with a variety of tasks during show weeks, including acting alongside students on stage – something he never imagined himself doing before his involvement with the centre!

Everyone at Orpheus loves Clive’s sense of humour and Orpheus is a much better place thanks to his involvement.

“It was a lot of work but it all came together. I felt very proud to be part of the team.” – Clive Edwards, volunteer