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Current fundraising projects

Current fundraising projects

A new Life Skills Kitchen

kitchenWe have seen a large increase in students at Orpheus and that trend is expected to continue. We have embarked on a programme of improving our learning spaces but nothing is more pressing than the need for a new Life Skills Kitchen.

A Life Skills Kitchen is vitally important for all of our young disabled students. Each one of them wants to be as independent as possible; to look after themselves and not be looked after.

Our vision is for a modern accessible life skills kitchen where we can teach practical food preparation skills to empower young peope to make choices about what they buy and eat. We also hope to be able to offer catering work experience in the future.

This project involves building an extension and completely rebuilding our existing kitchen. We believe this modern and flexible space will enable us to deliver a first class curriculum to our students both now and in the years to come.

To find out more about this project, please download a case for support here

Total cost: £376,504


Interactive Smart Boards

whiteboardWe are currently fundraising for new interactive smart boards to support the learning of our young disabled students.

Interactive smart boards are rapidly developing educational tools  which open up new accessible ways of learning to students with physical, hearing and visual impairments. We already have two of these at Orpheus and would like to expand interactive teaching set-ups throughout the centre.

Smart boards are used as teaching aids:

  • We use them to teach  functional skills including literacy, numeracy and IT
  • We teach groups of students to manage their own finances, organise their care and support, set budgets for shopping and learn the range of practical skills needed to live independently
  • The skills our students learn at Orpheus will give them the confidence and self-esteem to live more independent lives.
  • Some of our students are unable to use pens, so can use their hands to write directly on the smart board and manipulate items more easily than with a traditional computer.
  • The students are able to use large fonts and bright colours on the surface of the smart board, making it easier for our visually impaired students to participate

Cost of Smart board and installation: £6,180.00


Bursary Fund

Bursary FundWe are continuously raising money for our Bursary Fund, which is designed to help support young people who face the greatest barriers to accessing our unique learning programme.

Many young disabled adults love the idea of coming to Orpheus because they have a passion for the performing arts, and a mainstream college cannot meet their needs. However, without statutory education funding, this can make the prospect of coming to Orpheus an impossible one.

Our Bursary Scheme exists to enable disadvantaged students to access the learning programme at Orpheus when no other sources of funding are available. A full Bursary covers the entire cost of one student’s learning for one year. This includes tutors, course accreditation, work experience, one-to-one mentoring, access to assistive technology and further learning support where required. A full bursary is £24,000 per year (£72,000 over three years) and can change a young person’s life.

Josh was granted a bursary in 2013. He is passionate about singing, drama and dance and is thriving in this environment. Josh says: “I have been waiting to live at Orpheus for so long and now I’m here it’s like a dream come true.”