Learning at Orpheus
Transition and moving on

Transition and moving on


Transition at Orpheus begins when you attend for assessment and continues throughout the time you are with us.  We take time to discuss with you and your family what your hopes are for the future what outcomes you want for yourself. We will do everything we can to support you in achieving them.

Our programmes cover a range of subjects so you are able to try out new things and develop skills that will give you the confidence to interact and communicate with others in a work based setting. You will be encouraged to meet the professional standards of behaviour and attitude.

You will be encouraged to develop your independence skills in your own accommodation if you access our onsite supported housing. If you are a day student you can access our student training flat to learn the skills you need in order to live independently in the future. You will regularly go out of college to learn skills in the local community including identifying local community services, opportunities for work and areas where you would like to live.  You will also visit alumni students in their homes to discuss how they have moved on and get tips on what worked for them.