Learning at Orpheus


At Orpheus we offer a range of qualifications. This enables us to create bespoke programmes for students working at all levels.

Orpheus follow study programmes. These are publicly-funded programmes of learning for 16 to 19 year olds, or 16 to 25 year olds where the student has a learning difficulty assessment (LDA) or Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP), which are based on a young person’s prior attainment and designed to meet clear educational and career aspirations.

Environmental Awareness class

Subject and Specialism Assessment Results Subject Tutor Level studied 16/17 Anticipated level 17/18
Functional Skills English


Entry Level 1 emerging Laz Martin E1 Emerging – Speaking

E1 Emerging – Reading

E1 Consolidating – Speaking

E1 Emerging – Writing

E1 Consolidating – Reading

Functional Skills Maths


Entry Level 1 emerging Janet Gill E1 Emerging E1 Consolidating


Entry Level 3 Imogen Butler RARPA – E3

LAMDA – Grade 2 (L1)


LAMDA – Grade 2 (L1)



Entry Level 3 Chris Lammin Entry Level 3 (RARPA) Entry Level 3 (RARPA)


Entry Level 3 Emma Calvert  

Entry Level 3

OCR Certificate in Life and Living Skills


Entry Level 3

OCR Diploma in Life and Living Skills



Entry Level 2 Imogen Butler
Employment Skills


Entry Level 3 Patti Thomas Verweij


Entry Level 1 Imogen Butler
Moving On (TPP)


Entry Level 3 Patti Thomas Verweij Entry Level 3 RARPA Internship/further work placements
Work-skills Film Making Entry Level 3 Eddie Dyja Entry Level 3 RARPA Entry Level 3 Consolidating RARPA
Professional Performance Practice Level 1 Rachel Martin (OCR & RARPA) Level 1 RARPA Level 1 Consolidating RARPA