Farewell to Our Leavers

Farewell to Our Leavers

On 14th July the final curtain fell on the end of another fantastic academic year at Orpheus. There have been many highlights throughout: from Oliver! to Enterprise Week to the Kitchen Opening to the last performance of the year A Midsummer Night’s Murder. And the students have excelled at each new challenge thrown their way.

Sadly, the end of the academic year brings with it a number of farewells. Students Josh, Sally, Anna, Naz, Morag, Jo, Jordan, Tom, Georgina, Leo, Stefan, Laurie, Alice, Helen, Jessica, Matthew and Nina are all moving on from Orpheus. Each of them has contributed to Orpheus and they will all be missed. However, with every end is a new beginning and for each of our students a new chapter is starting as they move into their new homes to live independently.

Josh said “I am sad to be leaving Orpheus but I am also happy as I can use the skills I have learnt in my new flat. I will definitely come back and visit Orpheus!” We are proud of each student’s journey and we wish them the best of luck!

Additionally, our lovely residential volunteers Lena, Emma and Mathias have completed their year with us and are now moving on to the next chapter in their lives. They have each contributed so much to the students’ lives this year and they will be missed!